The Automatic Tennis Court Drying Machine Home Page
The Automatic Tennis Court Drying Machine
Bringing Tennis into the robotics age
Roll dries all your courts automatically even while you're asleep
Your courts will be ready when you are.

Perfect all year around for
School & Public Courts
Tennis Clubs & Academies
Helping Tournaments & League Play stay on Schedule
March 2013
First test drive of the court dryer, driven by remote joystick
Latest News - February 2014
We've done significant research and believe that outsourcing for
the controller is the best solution. We are now awaiting for the
release of the RTK GPS.

Thank you for your patience.
the lawn mower and my love of tennis  was the inspiration for the auto court dryer.
First Inspiration in the early 1950's
Watching my father's robot, the worlds first automatic lawn mower
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